Now entering its 51st year of publication, Clinical Lab Products is the preeminent product and technology publication for the clinical laboratory community. But in the shifting climate of today’s healthcare environments, representing advanced technologies means doing more than just covering the launch of new products and feature sets. Laboratory buyers also need to understand how new products and services can be integrated with their current offerings, what policies and practices will govern the use of those products, the value of new offerings for their current and future business, and how the products can improve patient outcomes.

In 2022, watch for more of this coverage from CLP, as the publication expands its multimedia reach to provide broader and deeper context about the issues and perspectives that are important to clinical laboratory professionals. With strong participation from sector thought leaders and greater audience engagement, CLP looks to convey more product information in a more meaningful way. In both print and online media, CLP’s compelling editorial package creates an outstanding backdrop for suppliers, providing advertising and sponsored content opportunities that can improve companies’ lead-nurturing capabilities.

From liquid biopsies to digital pathology—and a whole lot more in between—we’re excited about the technologies that the clinical laboratory community is developing and refining for use to make precision medicine a reality, reduce the costs of healthcare, and expand access to underserved populations throughout the world. We hope you’ll join us in the coming year, as we watch the latest developments in clinical laboratory medicine unfold before our eyes.